Beyond Vanilla Extract

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I am having the worst time not erasing this post today. Ugh. Round three.

Official vanilla extract is 6 beans/1 c. (250ml) of vodka. I don't know if the ratios in these recipes are good enough to pass for a strongly flavored extract or just a flavored alcohol. But, it is a place to start.

These following recipes are done with an instant pot/pressure cooker.

Generally, you mix the ingredients, cap & shake it once a day for 6 weeks, not unlike a tincture. I imagine that these recipes can be treated in much the same way with a little tweaking.

I am not sure I am an advocate of the almond, ahem, peach pit extract. I want to try recipes with the real almonds first. My bought extract lists "oil of bitter almond," so I may need to search for a definition for that.

Anyway, I think this link is for the maple extract (but be the comments below the post...this one doesn't always work using this method).

There are quite a few more extract ideas where this came from. Don't be hesitant to look for more on this site or anywhere else. If something has a higher ratio of dry goods to alcohol, I would say that that is the one to try.