Pasture rotation

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Hi all, we just finished fencing if the north pasture. The goats moved cautiously into the overgrown hay field. Then the chickens braved the new land.

We have 4 areas fenced off. Two are larger, thes will remain hay/grass.

The two smaller areas will be used to intentionally plant forage.

We've got lespedeza hay, chicory and turnips. Once the critters clear this area and it warms up a bit...I'll plant the forage.

Just a note about lespedeza, it's naturally anti-parasitic! Hooray.

Do you grow food for your goats?


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    Here's a pic of happiness. 💜

    Thank you

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    I will be rotating the goats this year and will set up areas to rotate other animals through my fields. My one area has multi floral rose that need tamed and the goats will love that.

    What are you using for fencing? Its so expensive so I am trying to figure out what is best.

    I will also be running my animals through parts of my woodland and that are will not work for electrical fencing so I would almost like some sort of moveable fencing. Any ideas?

    And yes, this year I will be growing more of my animal food. I have never liked the chemicals they out it them and prices just keep going up and will continue to/

    Right now I have areas set aside for hay and wheat. Oats would probably be good to grow too. I am trying to figure out if I can get some one to grow one crop for me if I grow one for them ;) Spread the work load out a bit