Who makes tamales for Christmas?

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I LOVE tamales! I've never found one I didn't like, from Tex-Mex to authentic Mexican to Mississippi hot tamales to hunter's duck tamales! Usually, I have a few Mexican friends whose wives or mothers make a huge batch for Christmas and I get some from them... but, I'm away from home. I think I may try to make some fresh/creamed corn tamales. If you have fresh corn, you cut it off the cob and basically make creamed corn. I'll probably buy some frozen kernels and do that rather than canned creamed corn. Basically, you mix that with equal parts dry corn masa and some butter or lard. The consistency should be thick and sticky. You smear that thickly on corn husks. The filling is roasted peppers and onions with fresh cheese (or jack). Then, you just steam them in a big pot - some folks add a little beer for flavor.