In praise of grape juice

Gail H
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I always try to keep a bottle of organic Concord grape juice on hand for medicinal uses. It's the best thing I know of for hiding less-than-tasty herbs and extracts and getting them into children. Just a little bit (a tablespoon or two) is usually adequate. Dispensing in a tiny, cute cup helps too.

An old, country doctor (truly!) told me about another use for grape juice. He recommended it for bouts of vomiting that left one weak and shaky. Because the sugar in grape juice is mostly glucose, a wee bit of grape juice under the tongue will allow some sugar to enter the blood stream while bypassing the GI tract. This can help bring someone around who's exhausted from being sick.

I picked up a bottle of grape juice today and thought I would pass this on. Feel free to file it under "interesting to know- hope I never need it"!