Compost shredder chipper

annbeck62 Posts: 994 ✭✭✭✭

I asked a friend if this was doable. He said it was not in his skill set. Sadly it's not in mine either but I love the idea of it.


  • flowerpower *
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    @annbeck62 I have seen some mulch made up of small cut up twigs. If one is trying for ground cover rather than composting the twigs that might work well. I would just let the compost break up leaves and grass myself, but shredding might accelerate the working of the compost.

  • Acequiamadre
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    We have a monster chipper shredder we call Hellboy (we have about 150 trees and yearly prunings). It is a professional model from decades ago we got off of Craigslist. We have been very pleased with the creation of mulch for the compost and as mulch. This creates a more fungus heavy compost than many trees and perennials appreciate.

    We also use a mower to chop up leaves and it creates a nice much--or helps them break down faster in the compost pile. If you have a riding mower, there are bags you can buy that captures the grass and leaves for other uses.

    This looks like an interesting option for folks who don't need a monster shredder or a big mower. I look forward to hearing if anyone tries to build it!