Purchasing worms for composting

I posted this question in the discussion "composting worms" then thought maybe I should start a new discussion. Does anyone have onions on the best place to mail order red wigglers and will they survive shipping when temperatures are freezing? What about worms from local bait shops?


  • VermontCathy
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    "Does anyone have onions on the best place to mail order red wigglers..."

    😉 A very appropriate use of a delicious vegetable in a comment on TGN. 😋

    I suggest ordering them locally (i.e., within your state or a neighboring state) so they won't have to be shipped very far. Even then, I'm not sure they will survive below-freezing temperatures. Many suppliers will probably refuse to ship under those conditions.

    I keep meaning to start a worm farm during the warm months, but other things keep getting in the way. And I still haven't figured out how to keep them over the winter. The garage may be too cold, and hubby will complain if they're in the house.

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    Thank you @VermontCathy Too bad spell check left me asking about ONIONS and not opinions. LOL

    I tried a worm bin in the basement years ago. Maybe they were the Indian Blue worms, as they certainly didn't want to stay in their bin like they were supposed to! I think I will wait until warm weather before I try again, and I will try outside, so any escapees will be able to go into the ground. I was very discouraged finding little dried worm "sticks"

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    I believe Uncle Jim's sells year round so they probably have a solution for winter shipping. I ordered mine from them but it took over 2 weeks to get them and while I was waiting got some from a bait store just so I could get going. I think they were Indian Blues cause I have had escape episodes.

    When I was researching before I started I found someone who raised worms outdoors in the northeastern US during the winter by wrapping the bin in a blanket and putting in a somewhat protected area.

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    Thank you @annbeck62. I will check out Uncle Jim's. However I will likely wait till spring todo anything other than planning. For anyone interested here is a link to Uncle Jim's website: https://unclejimswormfarm.com/order-stuff/composting-worms/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI24L2rPb17QIVgr3ACh1I-w0_EAAYASAAEgJ3-vD_BwE