Hot Quinoa Breakfast

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This didn't turn out too bad, unless you're my father. If it's different, it's a "no go".

I put honey on mine, Mom used maple syrup.


  • Linda Bittle
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    I like to cook up a stir fry with chicken, asparagus, onion, etc, and use cooked quinoa instead of rice. I call it carnivore quinoa.

    I've used strips of stir fry beef with great results, too.

    My sauce is generally a little soy sauce, some oil, sesame seeds, some ginger, and a bit of chicken or beef broth.

    Simple, tastes good, and is healthy, too.

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    I've found that oatmeal and granola are much more appealing if you add fruit and nuts. We usually use fresh blueberries, but raisins, Craisins, and other dried fruit work well too. It's a more balanced meal than just starchy grains.

    I haven't had quinoa for a while. I like it, but hubby doesn't, so it dropped out of our diets.

    We both enjoy bigger "breakfasts" like scrambled eggs, omelets, bacon, sausage, toast, and so forth, but I am not a morning person and won't get up early to fix them. So we've moved those meals to lunch, and complement them with a smaller breakfast like the ones we've been discussing.

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    @monica197 I did as he suggested. Threw it all in the crockpot on low before I went to bed.

    The extra goes in a container in the fridge for Dad to heat up for Mom's breakfast on days that she doesn't have dialysis.

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    @monica197 I'm about 45 minutes west. Raised and live in Vermilion.

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    One of my favorite ways to eat quinoa is: melt butter in a pan and then add a little water and some kale. When the kale is done add mushrooms and seasonings like black pepper, sea salt, curcumin and curry mix. Usually I add an egg or two and scramble.

    Mix these with cooked quinoa and put on top of this dish diced green onions and some hot sauce.

  • Acequiamadre
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    A nice alternative to oatmeal. Atole is also good--and your dad may like it.

  • blevinandwomba
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    I don't think I've had sweet quinoa, but it looks good. Is it any good cold, or do you need to eat it hot?

    I love using quinoa instead of rice when making dirty rice- really good that way.

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    @blevinandwomba I had it hot, didn't think to try it cold.

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    @RustBeltCowgirl well, maybe I'll just have to give it a try and see. I've been looking for more cold breakfast options I can eat at work, and I try to vary my grains. Most of my current cold breakfast options are oat based.

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    @blevinandwomba well, I do eat quinoa with basil pesto mixed in for lunch occasionally. (pre-packed bought at Aldi's). Can't see why mixing fruit into it would be much different.

    I might try that for breakfast tomorrow. I've got frozen mixed berries in the freezer and a partial bag of uncooked quinoa in the pantry.

  • marjstratton
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    If I have left over quinoa from the previous night's dinner, I will warm it and add some cinnamon and blue berries and some yogurt and have that for breakfast.