Growing Horsetail

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After transplanting an evergreen from "Down Below" for Christmas, I noticed something that looks like horsetail growing in the soil. ("Down Below" is the wet space down the hill, between my daughters lawn and the river. I have noticed Horsetail, Equisetum hyemale, growing in that space earlier in the year.)

Can I transplant this in a new pot? How do I grow it indoors?


  • Monek Marie
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    Yes, it can be transplanted in a pot

    And it will grow in the house. Just make sure it has moist soil and lots of light

    Marjorie also wrote an article and here is the link

  • Suburban Pioneer
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    I bought mine from TGN, and kept it in three very small pots outdoors (two in part shads and one in blazing western sun) for about a year and a half before transplanting to a wicking bed, It survived some pretty bad neglect in the pots, and then took off when planted in the bed. Going through its first winter in the bed instead of the pots, and appears to be doing fine. This stuff is tough. Should be able most of what you throw at it.

  • Torey
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    Horsetail is one of those ancient plants that has survived just about everything that the planet (and outer space) and mankind could throw at it, as it has been around since the dinosaurs.

    So it has survived the asteroid that is credited with the demise of the dinosaurs, subsequent ice ages, volcanic eruptions, droughts, floods and who knows what else. It has survived being ripped out to make room for agriculture, being paved over for cities and transportation, acid rain & other pollutants and all of the other things we do to our natural environment.

    One tough plant.

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    I planted some and it survived the winter. But as soon as it gets a few inches tall, something eats it off right to the ground! And kept it eaten off all summer. This spring I'm going to try to build a wire cage to put over it. I'd like to see if it will get a little taller, at least!