Best Vacuum Food Sealer

We are having the most frustrating time when it comes to vacuum sealing our meat! We have a Food Saver machine and think it's time to abandon it and step up to something more robust. Does anyone have experience with good maybe industrial, maybe just Really good pro food vacuum sealers?


  • kbmbillups1
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    Meat is hard to vacuum seal because of the juice. It might sound weird but I used to pat mine with a paper towel before sealing it. I've even put a paper towel in the vacuum bag - meat (ground beef especially), paper towel, seal - the paper towel blocks a lot of the juice. I have a food saver too and used to vacuum seal a lot of meat but now we don't eat as much so I don't use my Food Saver as much.

    My Food Saver is just a regular one. I've never used an industrial one but I bet someone on here will have some advice and/or good ideas.

  • nksunshine27
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    Ive owned a foodsaver for a long time and just now had problems with mine so i looked up a yourube video on how to take it apart to clean it so it would vacuum right again. there are some commercial grade ones out there but they are beyond my budget

  • tomandcara
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    I really love @kbmbillups1 suggestion

  • Michelle D
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    I really like Weston brand. We vacuum seal a lot of meats. I also use the method mentioned by @kbmbillups1 using paper towels. It makes a huge difference.