Willow twigs as a rooting hormone?


  • Torey
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    Some great ideas here. And, yes, willow water makes a great rooting hormone.

    I don't know about the diaper thing, though. From what I have seen with disposable diapers is that they have a perfume in them (I'm not sure what) and that they have plastic that I don't think is good for plants.

    I have started saving wine corks as drainage filler for pots. I just hate wasting them, they are light and have nothing toxic to add to the soil.

  • MaryRowe
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    I didn't know about the willow water, that's a great tip. And coffee filters are great for so many things, like drying seeds you want to save--the seeds don't stick to them as much as they do to paper towels or other things I've tried.

    But DO NOT try the plastic milk jug ollas. I thought of that one also and tried it once. Really bad idea. The plastic degrades quickly, turns brittle, then fractures at the touch into very sharp shards that become a mess to clean out of your garden beds!

  • Monek Marie
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    Willow water is a great starter. I have used it for years and no longer buy any rooting powder. I love saving money.

    Many people use ther diaper in hanging baskets and it does make a difference in watering but the chemicals in the beads or pads bother me, even for flowers. I am sure it contaminates the sopil and how you decontaminate it? (Comfrey?) I have no idea. I definitely would not use for veggies or anything you eat.

    I love reading all these tips. Some are great some you question but it alwasy makes you think outside the box and ofter triggers a new idea

  • Monek Marie
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    Ollas work nice, particularly in arid dry areas but they can cost!

    A cheap Olla can be made using two clay pots glued together. I can find them at garage sales either free or for 25 cents around here.

  • Annie Kate
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    Thank you for the list @RustBeltCowgirl!

    I love the idea of willow water. This way I can start a whole bunch more elderberries!! :)

    And duh to the acid/base test. As a homeschooling mom I should have figured that one out instead of buying the test kits.

    I use coffee filters with an elastic to cover my sourdough.