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has anyone grown Tarwi? Saw it in the Fedco seed catalogue. Yes, spending the winter drinking Coffee, and reading and circling the seed catalog. They listed it under grains for some reason. Even though its actually a legume. Fixes nitrogen and is higher than soy in protein. Finding it a very intriguing possibility. Also really appreciate Peruvian and andes native foods. They had incredible diverse agriculture for 1000’s of years. And living in the high desert they seem well adapted to New Mexico biome



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    This looks very similar to the many Lupine species that we have here in BC. But ours are perennials and not edible. I doubt I could grow this one easily as it is so frost tender.

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    I think this is the same plant that Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds was selling one year as "edible lupine," I got a packet to try here in zone 6b, amended but still heavy clay, wet cool spring, dry and hot but humid summer. The plants did okay, not real well but not poorly either. They were just setting buds to flower when some critter(s), probably either deer or groundhogs, mowed down the patch to stubs in one night and the pants never recovered. I wasn't expecting anything to eat lupines, as I thought the foliage was toxic, but apparently I was wrong....or maybe I wasn't, since I did not see any more groundhogs around the place that season.....

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    @MaryRowe Well, if it finished off the ground hogs, it was a worthwhile experiment any how.