easier kefir

Annie Kate
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There is a standard way to make kefir with kefir grains. I've tried that before and actually was drinking alcoholized milk before realizing that things weren't working right. I found the process time consuming and couldn't get a good system going with it.

Now I do it a much easier way: I buy unflavored kefir from the grocery store, pour some into a canning jar, add milk and stir/shake, and leave it out until it thickens. Then I refrigerate it and enjoy. When it is almost finished, I pour a bit into a clean mason jar, add milk, stir and/or shake, and leave it out until it thickens. I can keep this going for months. When I get tired of drinking kefir, I just use it up and then when I want it again, I buy another bottle from the store. I

This simple kefir apparently does not have as wide a range of good 'bugs' as the real kefir made from grains, but it is super simple to make and reminds me of the Dutch buttermilk we used to enjoy when we lived in the Netherlands.