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I got my first shot of Moderna's vaccine. Is this something people are interested in hearing about? Are there others on this network who have gotten the vaccine or are thinking about it? Did you get Pfizer's version? Would you like to share/compare symptoms?



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    @tilathehunn I was actually waiting for you to post whether you had gotten it. Interested in hearing how you're doing with it. I probably have another month before I'm eligible to get it. Plenty of time to listen to reactions being seen.

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    I'm not going to willingly take the vaccine, but I, and I'm sure many others here, are curious/interested in hearing about your experience and any noticeable symptoms over the next few months and possibly years! I'm concerned about several factors, but especially injecting human DNA (aborted babies/fetal tissue) into my body, and what the effects would be on my health. I know that vaccine reactions/symptoms vary among individuals, but I'd be grateful to know your experience for my personal research! Thank you for offering to share!

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