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We made brisket for the first time. All the recipes made it sound so daunting. I was afraid that our brisket would be tough and dry as there were some dry cuts from this animal.

Our experiment was a success! Not dry, but juicy & tasty!

We did alter the recipe somewhat as I make my own barbeque sauce but had none on hand. We cut the spicy heat down by half. Other than that, I think we kept to the recipe.

One day, if we have a smoker, I'd like to try the recipe from here:

I have used a rib recipe from the second site (with my own spices) with great success.

You do not boil the ribs & throw out the water as some do. It is awesome as the flavor of the meat is not poured down the drain. Just the same, don't throw the rib water away...use it for soup base!