My daily barter.

I love to barter, often the opportunity just pops up.

I was talking to a friend on the phone today and he asked if I needed Garlic. They did not do the Farmers Market this summer and he has 400 extra bulbs, even after he planted . Well, yes, yes I do! So I will pick up some to plant for me, by brother and my niece.

His wife also has tea based items ( I think dried herbs) that she did not use last year and will not use next year to make her tea blends. I will take them. I offered to pay but they declined but I offered seeds and they were excited to have them as they have not ordered yet.

I would think herbs bought this summer would last and be able to be used still? Even if for other uses than teas. Barb makes her own special blends and was afraid to use older herbs

So what barter have you made lately?