Beef liver stir-fry

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I am eating this right now.

I've made it several times before and it's always delicious. I do add additional vegetables(broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, green chiles, etc.), use arrowroot instead of cornstarch to thicken, a few grinds of black pepper instead of whole peppercorns, and follow a different cooking procedure. I stir-fry the vegetables in lard and/or coconut oil until tender crisp, and remove to a large pot. I actually did this in two batches as i like a lot of vegetables, and my frying pan is not very deep. I dump the liver and marinade into the pan and simmer until done, scoop the liver out and add to the vegetable pot, add the broth/arrowroot to the pan, and simmer until thickened. Then I pour the sauce over the liver and vegetables, stir and serve.

The marinade would be a good stir fry sauce even without the liver, but the liver does give it a really lovely rich flavor.


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    Oh, YUM! Going to have to try this. I think I'd add extra veggies, too.

    I have 3 Harrowsmith cookbooks but not the main one. I will put it on the list to look for when I am in used book store, although, Harrowsmith books rarely show up used. They are keepers.

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    I usually dehydrate my beef liver and encapsulate it so it retains nutrition. Is it still plenty nutritious cooked? I'd like to try this.

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    @judsoncarroll4 I like beef liver in general, but this is probably my favorite way. The marinade makes the liver very soft and tender; maybe a little too soft for some people, but I like it.

    @torey Actually, I've never heard of the Harrowsmith cookbooks. I'll have to check them out.

    I came across this recipe several years ago online, made it and loved it, and then lost the recipe. I don't know why, but I couldn't find it online. I eventually found it again- I recognized the name of the gentlemen who posted it. I could be wrong, but I'm almost positive he originally posted it on a different website.

    @nicksamanda11 I know there's some specific health benefits to raw liver( though I've forgotten what...more B 12 maybe?) but cooked liver is still plenty rich in vitamins and minerals- especially vitamin A and Iron. I do know that some take capsules because they want the nutrition but can't stand the taste/texture of liver. I LOVE the taste and texture- well, unless it has too much connective tissue.

    Fun fact: Polar bear livers are so high in vitamin A that they are considered toxic.

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    @blevinandwomba Harrowsmith is a Canadian magazine similar to Mother Earth News. The cook books I have are Fish & Seafood, The Salad Garden and The Book of Herbs.