Herbs did what doctors couldn't

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My mother is in her 80s and developed a painful, bleeding rash on both arms. She went to her doctor, a dermatologist and a hematologist. No one could figure out what it was or do anything to help her. I haven't seen her in over a year because of covid and found out what was going on after she was suffering almost 6 months. I couldn't believe her doctors weren't able to help her and started researching what herbs and other holistic ingredients may help (without even knowing what was causing the problem). I made 2 different healing creams and a spray in case it was too painful for her to use the creams. I sent them to her not even knowing if she would use them because she toes the allopathic line. Well she has been using them and after only a week is noticing remarkable improvement and asked if I'd be able to send her more when she ran out. I had to share because I'm so over natural, holistic medicine and methods being touted as dangerous or "snake oil".


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    @annbeck62 Great to hear about your mom having results with your creams and spray!

    My family is just beginning to take herbal preparations seriously. Its sad we have lost the knowledge so many before us took for granted

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    @annbeck62 I'm so glad you had success with your medicines and your mum is responding so well.

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    I agree! I prefer to use the good things God gave us over pharmacueticals cooked up in a lab. I honestly believe the right herb can cure almost anything.

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    @annbeck62 That is great news!

    Would you mind sharing your recipes for your healing creams & spray?

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    @annbeck62 Thank you! 💐

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    Thank you for sharing the recipes! I am so glad your mom got some relief. Trusting our gut instincts and using the simplest/safest ingredients is a long lost art, as most all of us on this network know. I am so glad there are a few of us still left in the world to help others when modern medicine fails!

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    Wonderful! So glad you took the initiative and that she used your creations.

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    That’s awesome! Thank you for caring more about your mom than her doctors ( probably a given, but you went the extra mile!!)

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    Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. I know I probably put way more ingredients in than necessary. But I had no idea what it was and I knew I had one shot if even that to help her :)

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    That is great that you were able to help your Mom like that. There are some herbal oils and creams that I have made and like, but I have never had any condition as bad as your Mom had.

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    I’m currently studying herbal medicine at university and am astounded by the amount of good scientific research backing the use of herbal medicine that is just ignored and even more astounded at the way modern medicine works, the more I research the more barbaric it seems to be. Hopefully we will come to our senses and realise that the most effective medicine can usually be found in our own backyard...

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    @brighidsgarden Welcome to the forum!

    You are very correct in your observations. I hope that you will share with us your insights as you learn more. You are engaging on an exciting path of discovery!

    On to forum basics...when you have a moment, I would like to invite you to leave a short introduction here:


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    @annbeck62 thank you for sharing your story with us. It makes me want to continue my journey by making more skin cream. You have given me some awesome ideas!

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    @brighidsgarden Welcome to TGN! Where are you studying! I am interested in hearing all about it. I have 2 certificates as Master Herbalist and am working on my Clinical degree.

    @annbeck62 Thanks for sharing your recipes. It is important to share when we have had a successful outcome.