Urban Grower Success Story


  • Monek Marie
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    Its time to start thinking outside the box for differnt jobs and opportunities.

    Anything food related or garden related is a good place to concentrate.

    I also love urban gardens and gardeners.

  • ltwickey
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    I absolutely love the creativity people are demonstrating with new jobs/growing opportunities. Great inspiration!!

  • annbeck62
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    I love his glass half full attitude!

  • Monek Marie
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    Urban farms amaze me.

    I live in old depleted farmland area. We call it the rust belt. Big farms forced the small ones out and now the big farms suffer too.

    Its amazing how fast our background in growing and farming has been forgotten. I have so many friends that say, "My parents farmed but I don't know anything about gardening or animals.", "I live in the city so I can't grow vegetables ". "I don't know how". "I have no time."

    I take those as challenges and find the answers so that they can grow - if they want. Our small city does have strict rules but you can work with them or just stay under the line of acceptance. In this town my friend now has 2 goats! Ducks and chickens and amazing gardens. She wants to start a small farm business. I am so proud of her.

    Thinking outside the box and finding how you can gently bend what you have to work with makes a difference. I also know the zoning board very well. I research all options before going in, phrase my questions carefully and usually stump them. " I don't know Denise, That's a grey area." That means yes, do it as fast as you can before they make a new rule.

    In the city the biggest challenges I have seen are limited space, HOA's and the big one - poor lighting, But they all can have an answer, perhaps a little different than you first imagined, but it's doable.

  • frogvalley
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    I agree, we need to grow more food because at the bottom, we all need food and will always will. Having small local growers is much better than buying and supporting a big box store.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @Denise Grant The more you write, the more I am intrigued with your energy, ideas & drive. I am so glad that you are here. I think that all of us could learn so much from you. What a great example and a great standard you set!

  • Monek Marie
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    What a kind thing to say. I have always been a person who thinks outside the box and tries new things. It's adventure whether the outcome is positive or not exactly what we wanted.

    I was thinking as I read posts here this morning what a talented wonderful group of people we have here. Such diverse ideas and the willingness to share. I feel blessed!~