The Unpacking Continues

I may actually get ALL the moving boxes unpacked this time!

I've got this one big walk-in closet that I'm using to store my herbs, crafts, holiday decorations, wildlife tracking, and hunting and fishing gear in. I need one more shelf and some more storage boxes and I think it will be done!

I made 3 trips to the dumpster today with random papers, boxes I thought I might use, and little things I thought I might use for crafts someday. I send anything that might be of any value to my sister's thrift store booth. I made 10.00 on an UGLY Christmas decoration that I'd been hauling around!

I'll post photos when I'm done, but I can tell you it will be nice to have everything in the right place, and accessible so that I can find and use things.

Fortunately, I'm not a woman who needs a lot of dress-up clothes, so I can use the larger closet for my "important" stuff. I've also put the bookshelves and computer in the larger bedroom for the same reason.

After all, the cats and I don't need a huge bedroom just to sleep!

It feels really good to be getting close to having everything unpacked for the first time in about 15 years.