Fries: Ohh this looks sooo good!

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My apologies..I should be more 'health conscious'... now..




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    @silvertipgrizz this is very interesting. I loved going to In n Out and alas there are two in my state and they are both miles away. Too far.

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    Doesn't New York Fries do odd fry dishes like this?

    This picture also makes me think of French Canadian poutine.

    We have a popular local restaurant here that specializes in many variations of poutine with various cheeses, sauces & meats added.

    The simple, traditional type of poutine is fries, with mozzarella cheese & gravy on top. That is the Quebec way and that's the only way to serve it, they claim! My husband likes poutine, but I hate soggy fries.

    BTW, lots of Canadians like beef gravy on their fries. I like dipping mine sometimes if the gravy is good. I remember serving an exchange student from France in a restaurant years ago and he had never heard of such a thing. He enjoyed trying it.

    If you order fish & chips in Canada, you will get fish & fries. The first time I ordered fish & chips in the US, I was thoroughly disappointed as I got potato chips.

    I like dipping onion rings in ranch dressing, but don't do that very often.

    Since we are talking tasty but unhealthy here, I thought that I'd add a bit more "food" for thought. 🍟

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    I am a fan of all things French fry or even Belgian! I love real ketchup on good fries, or even just some Creole seasoning (think Bo Jangles fries for folks in the south), I love cheese fries, chili cheese fries, gravy on fries, mayo and mustard, etc, etc, etc!

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    Mmm. I like baked sweet potato fries with a mayo-lime-cayenne dressing...homemade of course!

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    BTW, I avoid breaking out the deep fryer unless I have seafood or something else large batch to fry. I've tried like a zillion ways of making fries. Here is my super easy... 3 times a week minimum technique.

    Par boil potatoes, skin on (just cut off any bad spots)


    Cut into home fries

    toss in just enough oil to coat and lay on a sheet pan so they do not touch

    Bake at 425 F for 20 minutes

    Turn and do it again

    Turn and bake another 10 minutes if necessary (usually isn't)

    Salt/season and eat!