Another look at the different benefits and wonders of linen


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    @silvertipgrizz thank you for sharing information about linen.

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    I have seen discussions of fabric frequencies and read that the converse is also true - the lower the frequency the more lethargic it can make someone feel, to put it simply.

    You know, a true story...I was part of a handbell choir years ago and they wanted to get shirts for the group to wear as a uniform. Label reader that I am I read the label of the shirt they were considering: "Catatonic Polyester." Catatonic! I asked the group if we, as a lively handbell choir, really wanted to wear something that was catatonic! People buy it because it does not wrinkle - that is the selling point. It does not wrinkle - I presume - because it has no frequency thereby making it catatonic.

    Extrapolating that - perhaps the clothing that we wear is affecting the way we think these days!

  • Tave
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    Thanks for the information. Linen is so comfortable; now we know why:)

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