fermenting cranberries

Monek Marie
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Has anyone here made fermented cranberries in honey?

I have some cranberries. They are not rotten but softer than some you buy. I suppose they would be a lot like those you take out of the freezer and unthaw.

I was wondering if they would be ok to ferment? Since I have them I suppose its worth the gamble. Otherwise they will probably become a chicken snack.

I also found a really interesting fermented honey pepper recipe. Slightly warm peppers variety in honey. That could be good!


  • Annie Kate
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    @Denise Grant You could put them in muffins. Or freeze them for future muffins.

    But fermenting should work; if they are old, you might need a starter so they will ferment before going bad, but I'm not sure what started I'd use. Maybe apple cider or whey?

  • silvertipgrizz
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    @Denise Grant

    I'll look for cranberries in the fermenting books I have and post if I find any, or online as well.

    Please share your link/website for fermented honey pepper recipe?

  • Acequiamadre
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    I have some of those--I think I am going to make cranberry vinegar or a cranberry shrub.