Article about the early years of homesteading

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It touches on what she expects in the future. Also, asks you to consider some pretty relevant questions.


  • lewis.mary.e
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    This! When we moved here we started from scratch. Moved in on August 7th and realized we had 2, maybe 3 months tops to acquire at least 5 cords of wood, cut, split and stacked to heat our home for the winter. We got it done, but never want to do it again on that tight a timeline.

    We also bought a tractor right away. It has been a godsend for getting major heavy jobs done. It is our lawnmower, snow plow, wood moving workhorse.

  • Kelley
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    Having a good stock of wood for heating and cooking is essential for winters.

    I do a lot of canning and freezing fresh produce and meals. I keep a lot of dried beans and fruits too.

    Chickens, ducks, a cow and/or a goat or two for milk and meat.

    Wish we had a tractor but a small tiller is it for now.

    Good luck