Work gloves for small hands

This may seem to be a little problem, but believe me finding good quality work gloves when you have very small hands is a real chore. By good quality I mean, insulated and tough enough that I don't get blisters or many splinters. I also need something with a little extra padding to protect my palms. The little stretch gloves fit but don't meet the rest of my needs. Everything else I found was way too big. Even the mediums flapped around on my fingers and got caught between things, which could be dangerous. Finally at Harbor Freight I found the perfect gloves! They are mechanics gloves so they are tough and have some padding but most important they have them in small! Actual small! They are just a little too long in the fingers but not long enough to get hung up on anything. And they were less than three dollars a pair. I bought several pair but they seem pretty durable so I may not need the extra this season. I can't recommend them enough, if you have small hands, run don't walk and get you some.


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    That's good to know. I have small hands as well. I usually buy the colored rubber or latex or whatever they are made of gloves that come in a pack of 3 pairs at Walmart. I could only find them in medium last year.

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    Harbor freight has some white pig skin gloves in medium that were my go to gloves until I found the mechanic gloves. The pig skin ones are really protective and are comfortable, but they do get hung up or caught because they are too loose on my hand.

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    It is nearly impossible to find them for big hands either. I can easily palm a basketball.... leather or cloth work gloves or rubber/latex medical gloves never fit. With leather and fabric, the knuckles end half way up my fingers and the rubber ones just break and bust.

  • Tave
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    Yes, it is hard to find gloves to fit. I have small hands but long fingers. The pair I have now are sloppy because they didn't have small, either.

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    I like roper's gloves. They are leather and come in various sizes, including ones small enough to fit kids. They have a snap to secure the wrist. They are thick enough to protect from most prickles and thorns but supple enough to allow for easy working (once you have broken them in). A bit more expensive that what you find at Walmart but worth the price.

    My husband has big hands, too, @judsoncarroll4. He has difficulty with medical gloves. They are not all sized the same so XL doesn't always work. They quite often tear when he is putting them on. Same with rubber kitchen gloves. But he is usually able to find work gloves to fit. We have a couple of stores in town that carry a lot of forestry type supplies and you can order gloves in odd sizes.