Confession time

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head hanging down

This story has not been told to most of my family.

As you may have seen in past posts I am a forager, cheapscape designer and dumpster diver. Its interesting and rewarding and sometimes unique. And it embarrasses my family until I get them addicted.

And I must admit, if I go to the right dumpster, its clean and I know food has been dumped recently I take the food. Its such a waste to see it thrown out. My chickens usually make out the best but once in a while there's perfectly good food being tossed.

One time my mom was in the hospital, I was in the room with her during visiting hours so my income disappeared. I stopped at the one dumpster I visit a lot and there was an entire cart full of food in the dumpster and one more waiting to go in. I guess they got interrupted filling the dumpster. Well, both cart loads ended up in my car. Canned food with no issues that I could see! I always wonder what they thought when they went out and the cart was empty.

But my story has to do with two huge boxes of snacks. The boxes were not open. I have no idea why they were tossed. The bags were fine so I took them. Potato chips, pretzels, cheese curls and other really bad junk food. I would say 24 king size bags.

What would I need that many bags of chips for?


My brothers daughter was getting married and to stretch out the cost and menu family was asked to bring something else for the munchie and dessert table.

So yes, they went to a wedding reception and I was a hero bringing so much. And if you knew my sister-in-law, something like this was the end of the world - if she were to know. And to this day, she still does not or anyone in the wedding party.

I did not tell my mother or younger brother until the wedding was over and we were home. Mom just laughed. My younger brother. "You did what?" Then he laughed.


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    @Denise Grant It's hard to find the correct words to express to you how I felt at what you just described. But please let me try to, without offence.

    I don't know your preferences but I do know this, in my heart. He knew your need before you and prepared it in advance. So that when you arrived to that dumpster it would be waiting. Some may call it luck, others coincidence but I believe there is only The One who knows what we need. I'm so very thankful that what you needed just then, and not long after for the wedding, was made available to you get you through.

    An incredibly touching story. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing it tonight.😊