Zucchini horror stories

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I was watching Lynn and Marjories garden series @Marjory Wildcraft put up for us to watch today. They were talking about the importance of garden planning and what to plant and "squash " came up. I had to laugh. I think we all have that overabundance of squash, particularly zucchini we do not know what to do with.

I had a newish neighbor down the road who was known for not really want to socialize. I was taking my daily walk and saw her out and decided to take a chance and talk with her. All was going well until I asked if she would like some fresh veggies and one I mentioned was Zucchini. He eyes grew wide, and she backed up with her hands over her head, shaking her head, NO NO NO!

I quickly said, "Well I do a a variety of extra vegetables. If you ever need anything just let me know. It's time to finish my walk. Nice talking to you."

I also put a note out on one of the social media sites I had too much squash and if you wanted any let me know. A lady I traded seeds and plants with at a local plant swap wanted a bag full! I thought I knew where she lived so dropped it off on her porch. Wrong. She lived across the street! So someone got squash bombed! I did not know this until later that night when I told her I left the squash on her porch. Squash? No squash. We figured out the neighbor had it. The next day I delivered to the right house.


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    And one year, just to break up the typical garden harvesting, I decided to let one zucchini go wild. I picked off all the fruit, except one and get it grow all season. It eneded up about 4 foot tall. At tehr end it had a very hard crust and I could move it around - Yes it was heavy. I sat it out for halloween and painted it for decoration. It finally broke down and I composted it