Tasmanian holiday

Hi everyone, my wife and I decided that if we can’t travel internationally then we’ll travel locally. 2021 was supposed to be our American trip! Australia is a big place and lots to explore. We chose Tasmania as our destination this time round. It’s our most southern state and famous for its clean, green produce and magnificent scenery. It’s also well known for mountain biking, hiking etc.

In the last 3 days we’ve visited a Lavender Farm, Black truffle farm, Atlantic salmon and ginseng farm. We’ve explored limestone caves, stayed overnight in a Geodome on a vineyard and walked some beautiful country and eaten some fantastic food.

On Sunday, we start our cycle, hike and kayak trip, just over 200kms on the east coast of “Tassie” Life is good and I am grateful. Thought I’d show you some nice pics of our neck of the world.


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