The beautiful gift of music

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I hope you enjoy this as I have. The man playing gave her his guitar at some point after this video. She now has a keyboard too.

Autism is so often lonely and misunderstood by many. Blindness is uncomfortable to many people as well because they don't know how to interact with the blind. This girl lives with both.

If only we could all be this tenderhearted and understanding with people who live with these and so many other challenges.

When I was a waitress, no others would wait on a deaf couple who seated themselves in our restaurant. Instead, the wait staff held back & whispered about them. πŸ˜” I had no problem taking their order, even though they weren't in my section. I went up to their table, chatted a bit & took their order. They were a wonderful and very friendly couple! As a bonus, they left me a tip. πŸ˜„ Some people tip, but that is not why I remember them. I was honored to be the one who could serve them. You just remember some people for who they are. I was certainly blessed that day.

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