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New Learning Herbs Book - Aphrodisiac — The Grow Network Community
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New Learning Herbs Book - Aphrodisiac

I love the good people over at Learning Herbs and HerbMentor.

Full disclosure, John Gallagher was my first herbal teacher, and I consider him and his wife Kimberly to be friends. I subscribe to HerbMentor.com and have purchased nearly every book and/or class they put out (except for the kid's Herb Fairy series). Even though I'm single, and the book is a bit pricey, I've pre-ordered it, too.

You never know...and sexual health is a part of life, and a valid herbal topic.

Kimberly is the author of a new book, to be released in early April. There's a Valentine's Day pre-order special going on.

I expect it will be well done, and will have some information that even I can use! The Kindle version is 9.99, which is a good deal.



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