Seed Stratification

Monek Marie
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Here is a great link from Herbal Academy for seed stratification. Some seeds need it to start to grow. I definitely benefit from stratifying seeds in zone 5 growing area.


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    This is a great topic and I liked the plant list that the site has telling how long to chill each type of seed. Unfortunately it did not answer my question about daffodil and narcissus bulbs. I have some of those that I have stored inside where it is not freezing since I did not get around to planting them in the fall. I am thinking of planting them in pots, started indoors and moved outside in the daytime for an early spring on my deck later on.

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    @flowerpower * You can either plant in pots and move out like you planned or you can place in soil and put in your fridge for several weeks. They need that cold spell to do the best.

    Or you can force them in water. They look great that way but saving the bulbs later is very difficult