Sweating feet is a positive problem

I have come across an interesting thought, that sweating feet is basically a good thing. It is the healthiest of all body problems, as sweating cleanses the body, helps to get rid of toxins... and one should not hem the sweating, because then one hems body’s self cleaning process and all kinds of illnesses may develop. I have found this thought in Pfarrer Künzle’s book. He suggests that one should activate kidneys - drink herbal teas, herbal wine infusions to clean the body and once the body is detoxified the sweating in feet will also disappear. And he strongly advises against hemming sweating... I find it logical. Do you?


  • shllnzl
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    I was sweat phobic when I was young. I absolutely hated to sweat! I took solace in the thought that ladies weren't supposed to sweat.

    Nowadays, I work out regularly. I now recognize that every time I sweat, I am removing toxins.

    I have tried detox pads, and wouldn't you know, they are applied to the bottoms of your feet.

    Sweating is good as long as we don't develop fungus problems from poor ventilation, or social problems from excessive body odor.

    Sweat on.

  • stephanie447
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    Sweating is important. I have small fiber neuropathy and don't sweat as much as I should. (This was proven in a test at the neurologist.) So if I get too hot I have to be careful or I can overheat easily!

  • silvertipgrizz
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    In the winter when it's cold and you find it a little difficult to sweat...hit the sauna and enjoy!!

  • judsoncarroll4
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    I find it interesting how much my feet sweat after an icy cold Kneipp foot bath. As soon as I put on socks and shoes and start walking around, my feat sweat!

  • Annie Kate
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    My feet only sweat when I have a nerve-wracking lecture to give or meeting to attend. I'm not sure what that's all about in terms of this topic. Maybe I'm sweating out the stress? 😊

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    @Annie Kate Yes, you are.

    I've been there during a mean blizzard in -30°C in south central North Dakota at Christmas time heading north, icy roads, DEEP snow, a tiny drafty rabbit (car) with skinny wheels that didn't track well behind a semi, only one highway truck in front of me for miles with no other traffic, sparse (super sparse tiny towns, and a car that was about to quit. I prayed so hard that I would make it to a town and that I could find help. That was beyond stressful! My car did quit under a stoplight in a one horse town. Then I had to knock on a complete stranger's door for help. They were certainly the sweetest folks and gave me shelter for the night & helped me get my car back up and running after a day passed. It turned out that I landed in Strasbourg, Lawrence Welk's hometown, and I kept in touch with that wonderful couple for years afterward.

    My feet were the most sweaty that I've ever had them! I felt sorry for those folks as they got to experience a once in a lifetime (for me) very stinky moment. I was thankful, but also embarrassed beyond words.

  • karenjanicki
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    I love sitting in the sauna to sweat out toxins. It feels so invigorating. I don't think my feet have been sweaty in a long time, but then again I wear sandals almost constantly haha.

  • jowitt.europe
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    I seldom have a feeling that my feet sweat, but after hiking or longer walks I always put my shoes to dry, because they are so damp inside. So my feet do sweat. When I catch cold, I usually wear natural wool socks day and night to make my feet sweat. I think that helps. But, so far, I always thought I have to help people who’s feet sweat too much to reduce sweating. I might start explaining them that it is better not to.

    The same could be applied to perspiration and all the hemming cosmetics, wouldn’t it. So perspiration hemming cosmetics is basically unhealthy. But then, imagine getting on a crowded bus on a hot summer day 😉. There are healthy antiperspirants, aren’t there?

  • jowitt.europe
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  • ltwickey
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    Sweating is our bodies natural "detoxifier" if you will. I am very adamant about working out very heavily at the first sign of a cold to sweat out the virus! Works every time! As long as we practice good hygiene after sweating and replenish our bodies with the right nutrients (water, sodium, potassium) then the fungal and body odor concerns should be negated!

  • Annie Kate
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    Oh, @LaurieLovesLearning, that sounds dreadful. Being out in a blizzard in such circumstances!

    Thank you for letting me know that the sweating is a good thing.

  • Annie Kate
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    @ltwickey that's a cool idea, to work out to sweat out the cold. I can't work out that heavily, but can get a similar effect by taking a hot bath (with Epsom salts and essential oils for a healthy treat).