Follow-up to TGN's Soil Class

After taking the Soil Class here on TGN, I found a follow-up series on:

You can sign up for free and they share a four-part series that includes some good explorations (and ones that you can do with your kids).

Soil is so important--I also recommend the book Teeming with Microbes.

For soil geeks out there, what other resources are you using to build on Tom Bartel's awesome course?


  • Monek Marie
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    The TGN soil class is about two down in my line of classes. They are all so great!

    Once you have good soil the rest is so easy. I never realized this that much until I built my soil up and was amazed. Insect and disease problems almost gone and what grows? Amazing. I also love the smell of healthy soil

    Thanks for the other links. I will look them up.

    I am also trying to find the perfect blend for greenhouse growing