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Quite a few interesting ideas.

The Brits have some really cool stuff. A machine that you use your glass bottles and refill them with milk, like the water machines here.


  • vickeym
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    We use a much more basic version of their milk refill machine. We have a cow share with friends about a mile from us. Once a week we take 2 empty half gallon mason jars to them and exchange them for two jars full of milk. 😊 Smaller scale but better milk as it came from the cow just a couple hours before we get it. A pity this option is not available everywhere. I know many states do not allow cow shares.

  • water2world
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    I'm ready for a change like that!

  • stephanie447
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    I wonder why we don't go back to glass bottles. I guess they are heavier for shipping but seem more green otherwise. Coke is looking at creating paper bottles lined with plastic...the original glass ones seem to be better all around.

  • RustBeltCowgirl
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    I tried to post this clip yesterday, but the internet went down.