This is a magic mushroom and taxonomy is debated, but I think it's Mycena arcangeliana!!!

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This past year right before the Thanksgiving holiday, my well was running bone dry. As much as I love everything in life, the past year had taken a tremendous toll in terms of depleting some core energies. My batteries wouldn't recharge, even with my cannabis smoothie shake. This always usually does the trick. At this time, I was led to a clump of mushrooms by the fairies and they were magic. I took just a nibble from the mushrooms and immediately could feel a positive vibration emanating after consuming. From there I could literally feel a positive energy bubbling around up in my brain. Somehow a kind of weight was lifted from my head and shoulders where it had been pressing down hard on me and I felt light, optimistic, like things were possible. The last day I had my smoothie followed by some of the mushrooms and felt almost giddy.

Each one of the three days, I could not wait to get out to the garden at the appointed time during the afternoon and find the mushrooms. It was like going to look under the tree at Christmas to find some mushrooms or something. As it turns out, the clump of mushrooms were growing out of the decomposing stump of a long fallen tree that remains in our garden at the edge of a thirty acre wood.

Then, it was like I'd had enough and after the third day I had literally no want to get more mushrooms--I was both energized and at peace and able to get through what I needed.

First of all, thank you to the fairies. Often, we do not stop enough to say thanks. Also, I've posted these mushroom photographs far and wide and think I've come up with the right ID but if you know better please let me know thank you!!!

I found out these mushrooms are found in the lands of some of my ancestors back in Europe, which makes this entire experience even more trippy. The Mycena genus is my new favorite, and it is perhaps one of the most exciting areas of mycology today identifying all of the old and new world finds. Many of this kind are bioluminescent and I just learned that, but I have to say these mushrooms I found did look like they were glowing. We have a fox dog at our homestead, a pair of fox sparrows who have returned to their nest, and now some good old fashioned foxfire. Thank you for these miraculous gifts.


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    @aprilbbrinkman very nice story, I am glad your connection with the fairies led you to this fascinating experience. I am reminded of a saying that I learned decades ago. "There are old mushroom hunters, there are bold mushroom hunters, but there are no old, bold mushroom hunters." It would be interesting to know what the active components in these mushrooms are. The cynical part of me says then Big Pharma would patent the one component considered THE active component, ignore the other parts of the mix made by nature, synthesize it and sell it at exorbitant prices.

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    @tomandcara yes and if 2020 were not enough to make a mind explode anyway, it has also occurred to me during the course of this past year that we've been scared off some fine fungi with certain insidious mushroom propaganda. I mean, in a society wherein they can convince you the dandelions must be exterminated in a holocaust of epic proportions in which we also poison ourselves to death and half of all humanoids now get cancer...well, this must mean anything is possible right? I think that there are some very poisonous mushrooms of course, and everyone already knows what they are as they are mentioned in every guidebook. Also, regardless of humanoid guides, that kind of word gets around the forest fast! The good news is that there's a lot of work for "bold and growing old" mushroom foragers out there. If a mushroom or herb is deadly, I say we know that by now. At the same time, I'd always tell anyone to proceed with absolute caution when mushroom foraging and never eat what you cannot absolutely identify. I mean, why take on that kind of liability telling people to eat this and that for no reason? As for me, I only take very small nibbles from any mushroom I don't know. As for the cynic in both of us, let me offer for what it's worth that no humanoid let alone Big Pharma will ever be able to control the magic of the mushrooms. Yet, I think it is good for scientists to jump on board and discover what they can such that even more knowledge trickles down to us decomposer types. Us decomposer types will always have our medicine and any humanoid wanting to open themselves up to the experience not to mention spend their time can find their cure in the forest. Free.