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Midwest? How's your snow? — The Grow Network Community
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Midwest? How's your snow?

RustBeltCowgirlRustBeltCowgirl North Coast OhioPosts: 760 ✭✭✭✭

Called off today, since I need to dig my Jeep out of a snowdrift. The wind is blowing in the direction that will put back all the snow that I shovel, I'm holding off a little while. We were projected to get 6 to 12 inches, we only got about half as the storm track shifted slightly. Now we're getting the lake effect.

How are you doing?



  • Michelle DMichelle D Posts: 290 ✭✭✭

    I'm about to go help my daughter dig her car out. I think the official tally here (southeast Michigan) was 9 inches which is what was predicted. All the schools in the area are closed today and probably will be tomorrow if the temperatures drop as much as they are expected to.

  • RustBeltCowgirlRustBeltCowgirl North Coast OhioPosts: 760 ✭✭✭✭

    @Michelle D That's where the Cleveland stations said the track shifted toward.Sorry about that, but I really don't need the extra sent back.😁

  • Michelle DMichelle D Posts: 290 ✭✭✭

    @RustBeltCowgirl we are so very used to it all lol. I don't mind keeping it for you. I would imagine that you are just as accustomed to it as we are.

    It only took about 10 minutes to get my daughters car unstuck and I didn't have to use the truck to pull her out! 😀 We may have a bit of experience with it...

  • RustBeltCowgirlRustBeltCowgirl North Coast OhioPosts: 760 ✭✭✭✭

    Yeah, I grew up out here. Less than 2 miles as the crow flies from Lake Erie, surrounded by farm fields. Plus my parents grew up in Buffalo, NY.

    Living in the DC area for 8 months; winter was extremely funny. An inch of snow and they panic.

  • Michelle DMichelle D Posts: 290 ✭✭✭

    I live in the same area where I grew up also. My mom still lives in my childhood home less than 3 miles from here. My parents are originally from a different part of the Michigan. They were used to a lot more snow than this.

  • dottile46dottile46 Posts: 429 ✭✭✭

    Here in central MO we are are frozen! This morning our actual temperature was -21 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind was light so the wind chill would have been around -25 to -30. We have about 4 inches of snow with a winter weather advisory for 9pm this evening until 6pm tomorrow. An inch expected tonight with a half-inch tomorrow. They say "snow showers" for tomorrow. Temp is forecasted at 6 degrees tonight and 20 tomorrow. Wind at 6 to 8 mph.

    We've broken a record or two with the cold spell. Some dating back to the late 1800's.

    This morning when my alarm went off I saw sunshine! First time in several days.

  • @dottile46 West Plains got luckier. We have 3-4 inches on the ground here, and it was -9 degrees with a wind chill of -19 when I woke up.

    Although I'd let the kitchen and bathroom faucets drip, the kitchen hot water line was frozen, and it took several hours with the space heater aimed inside the cabinet to thaw it. However, it DID thaw, and I will be sure to leave a bigger drip tonight! We, too, are supposed to get snow tonight, tomorrow, and/or tomorrow night.

    The weekend looks to be lows in the 20s, so I'm holding on to that!

    Stay warm and safe. Wind chill is a killer.

  • MaryRoweMaryRowe Posts: 412 ✭✭✭✭

    Here in west-central MO, just over an hour's drive from Kansas City, we've got 6" or more snow on the ground--hard to tell for sure because the wind has been blowing it around so. According to the KC weather news, we got down to --13F last night, but we're up to a balmy +8F now, the sun is out for the first time in days and there's no wind. Finally. They had rolling power outages in Kansas City and Independence yesterday I heard, and our Rural Electric was close to that but never actually had to do it, at least not yet (keeping fingers crossed!) May the power stay on for all of us!

  • dottile46dottile46 Posts: 429 ✭✭✭

    @MaryRowe we have been warned of the possibility of rolling blackouts. So far we've not had them here at home. At work this morning, a LTC facility, they had one for an hour right before breakfast. We have numerous commercial poultry CFO's in our immediate area and they are trying not to cause them harm by outages. We've all tried to do our part with conserving. According to the Springfield news this evening, city utilities there didn't get much warning that they were getting shorted on the power they buy. Was a surprise to many.

    @Mary Linda Bittle, West Plains, Missouri I saw that you guys broke a couple records yesterday. I can't find it right now but the low and the high for yesterday broke records. Not for how high they were, but how low they were. Hang in there. Spring will come!

  • MaryRoweMaryRowe Posts: 412 ✭✭✭✭

    @dottile46 I don't think the city utilities here got much warning either. I'm just going on what I've heard from a couple friends in the city, and what's shown up in the online news, but it sounds like it has been chaotic. Some folks that were supposed to be out 30 minutes to an hour still don't have their power back on yet--a day after!

    It's one thing when a bad storm knocks out the power lines. You have to expect that once in a while. But to have your power turned off because some mega company has basically taken control of the regional grid and now can't keep up with demand, that's a whole other problem. Says plenty about our fragile infrastructure....

    But at least the cold is due to ease. The local weather forecast has us above freezing finally, by Saturday, and back into the +40's by next week. That will feel like springtime for sure!

  • dottile46dottile46 Posts: 429 ✭✭✭

    I'm not happy that we've let ourselves get into this predicament and have plenty of questions for our co-op. Our infrastructure is extremely fragile and not just electricity.

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