Spending less on Groceries


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    Great ideas.

    I never turn down anything. If I don't need it I give it away or barter with it. (I usually give it away)

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    Thank you for sharing!

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    Unfortunately, unless you are growing all your own food, sometimes you have to spend more at the grocery store for better quality (organic, etc.). On the other hand, you can save quite a bit of money by preparing food more by hand and purchasing less processed foods!

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    I don't turn down anything either. Last year as winter turned to spring my neighbor was cutting down collars to get ready for his summer garden. They'd had enough of them so he brought them to me. I had plenty growing too but I took them! He gave me so many bunches that my husband couldn't see my head when I came in the house! I cooked them all in batches in my instant pot and froze them.

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    My sister has a neighbor who is an avid gardener so this neighbor is always bringing her vegetables. She really appreciates it.

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    If I have too many veggies, I share with neighbors and workmates. Especially nightshades, corn, eggs, and fun stories.

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    I love grafting! But an expert taught me so I had success right away. I was just thinking I had to contact Doug and get stock to graft a few of my favorite trees. Its a great way to save a tree variety.

    Give it a try again. My first thought would be you did not have a cut that matched as closely as it should have or maybe your cutting was not as fresh as it should have been. They can also get infected if you touch ther area where you plant to graft too.

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    I also watch the "quick sale" rack at the local Farm Market store. A bag of slightly older potatoes for $1, 4 peppers for $.75. Never know what I'm going to find.

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    @Denise Grant I watched David the Good's videos on grafting and tried to do what he did, but failed. I may need in-person instruction, or perhaps I just did a sloppy job.

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    @VermontCathy David the Good has great videos.

    The first grafting try is always challenging. I would help to have one extra hand!~

    What type of tree were you grafting?

  • VermontCathy
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    My guess is that I didn't make sufficiently good contact.

    I have several varieties of apple trees scattered around the yard, so as an experiment and to get some practice I cut some short branches off some of my apples trees and grafted them on to different apple trees. Red on yellow, large yellow on small wild yellow, etc.

    I did about five of these and all failed. I bought some commercial grafting sealant and used that to cover the joints. To keep it simple, all of the joints were the type where you cut the scion into a wedge, and cut a straight slit in the rootstock, then shove the scion into the slit working to make the cambium layers touch wherever possible.

    Even though I made an effort to make contact between cambium layers, the most likely reason for the failed grafts was failure to make sufficiently good contact.

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    "Bacon seeds" 😂😂

    I wish I had some.