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Question: How do, for example, squash vine borers know when to become lively to be attracted to plants’ roots within the soil to inflict harm to the plant/s?

I mean, does the plant produce some sort of sexual energy magnetic vibration?

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  • Jens the Beekeeper
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    That's called evolution. 😉 The life cycles of these species have become somewhat synchronized over time.

    And yes the plants exudates something like sexual energy 😁. They produce typical products. You know it's a squash when you touch it and squeeze it. This smells are present and guide the insects. It's the same for the cabbage butterfly. You can deter them by planting celeriac or for the onion fly or carrot root fly. If you inrerplant onions and carrots the smell of the other vegetable irritates the insects and you get less infections and damage.

  • Monek Marie
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    I never thought of it that way. Great question. I know if you squish them its supposed to attract more to your gardens.

    I have better luck growing my summer squash later in ther summer. The bugs seem to have fattened up on other plants and leave the squash alone

    I learned a little from this site: Other ideas for protecting them. Thye are a pain!~

    Healthier soils seems to help too and the longer you are away from chemicals help.