Getting kids involved in gardening

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Some interesting ideas. Under natural dyes, I had no clue that avocado pits make pink. @frogvalley try that one.


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    I follow a lady on IG who paints with natural sourced paints. She has made a few different colors put of avocado skins & the seed. Various mordants change the colors. I keep meaning to try it.

    I am not a fan of her abstract painting style, but the colors that she gets are interesting.

    We always liked to get the kids to plant some favorites or strange sounding or looking things.

    Of course, digging up the largest or strangest looking potato is always a great fall contest too.

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    Hugs to you @RustBeltCowgirl ! My inner child is running amuck trying to figure out which of these projects to do first - with or without grandchildren around.

    There are several items of clothing, going back and forth from house to house as I'm dealing with family issues, that I was going to give the Marie Kondo blessing (thank you & goodbye), but were given a reprieve once I thought about trying to dye them. And look, you are here at the ready with items that I can use to do just that wherever I hang my hat for the day. Kudos!

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    @frogvalley Glad to have made your day.😃

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    @RustBeltCowgirl Great ideas here.

    I want to have gardening camps for kids here, once life lightens up a bit. These would be great ideas.

    I also test out all these things on my nieces and nephew, lol. They have fun ;)

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    Great idea @Denise Grant . I've always wanted to have farmer school. These would be great!

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    Making paper is a cool project for kids and if you add plant material, embed or pressed plants or make a seed planting card it is a lot of fun

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    I am super excited that I got to garden with my granddaughter on Sunday. She refused to touch any dirt with her mom, but she enthusiastically was ready to garden with grandma, even asking where her garden gloves were. We grabbed some seeds and a hand rake and shovel and headed for the garden beds. We were out there 5 mins and the gloves were off and she was touching the soil. We learned how to carefully make lines to plant carrots and radishes. We talked about how to tell if the soil needed water or not. She then proceeded to gather water in the watering can from a 55 gallon barrel we collect rain water in. She even asked why we collect rainwater. She then carefully poured a bit of water on to each of the plants she determined needed water. She is 5 and completely accepts gardening with grandma is part of life, because she sees all of the stuff we grow. Her favorite things to take home from the garden are white current tomatoes & fairytale eggplants. Thanks for letting me brag & get her into gardening.

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    @RustBeltCowgirl I thought I knew a lot about using plants for dye, but the pink from the avocado put me in my place!

    Bummer---the link is not working for me---anyone have one that will work on my computer? Thanks!