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Has anyone ever used a Magicfly 24 Egg Incubator? Add says fully automatic Poultry Hatcher with temperature control with LED light

Looking for cheaper incubator that will work for older ladies wanting to hatch chicks but not put a lot of money into it or have to remember to water, turn etc.

Thank you!


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    With any incubator you run a risk, and they all have glitches. However, reviews say that support from the company is extremely poor. That is not a good sign. I would also question the construction & the reliability of the product on that factor alone.

    I would say that you are better off spending a little more and getting a reliable incubator from a respected company, instead of potentially wasting your money and having to spend more in the long run anyway.

    I have one of these, used, and have been happy with it after 2 hatches. It only hatches a few at a time (7 regular eggs if you use the turner). I have a turned, but prefer manual turning, so I have no review on that part.

    You need to manually add water in this model, and buy a separate humidity sensor.

    At hatch, humidity can go extremely high and you can't dissipate any without opening the lid, which you shouldn't do, so that is a negative in my opinion. Temperature in it remained steady.

    I chose this model instead of the fully automated one only because this is the one I could find used, and I paid way less. I was originally looking for a Mini 2 Ex.

    I would suggest searching all reliable classifieds available, even across your country, to find a used model. Ignore Ebay...too risky. I found mine through Kijiji and it shipped from Quebec.

    I would suggest reading reviews on incubators on Backyard Chickens, or ask the community there their opinions. Here is one incubator that Premier1 carries. It sounds like this one might have come straight from Italy or the UK. I will also include a link to Premier1. I know nothing about this brand (they may be new to North America), but Premier1 seems to have a good reputation and these incubators sound reliable.

    I am going to get a extra small heat plate from Premier1 at some point, because they had them for the best price.

    That's the other try to find the best price once you have settled on the brand. Keep in mind shipping costs, taxes and possible exchange.

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    Thank you I hadn't even thought of most of the things you listed. I have only ever used an incubator once as a preschool farm unit project.

    Now I have ideas of what all I need to look for.