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Every once in a while a person needs a little help with their garden. If you have a garden question that you can’t find an answer to then you can submit your question to Gardener Lynn to get your answer!

Just leave your question here and Lynn will film a personalized video response to answer your question. Then, she will tag you and upload the video right here to the forums! Sounds fun, right?!


Lynn Gillespie is an expert organic gardener who owns The Living Farm in Paonia, Colorado. Her family is the third generation to live on farm. Lynn also works as an expert gardener for The Grow Network and she's here to answer all your burning gardening questions!


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    Thanks @LynnGillespie for the link to your site. I had forgotten I signed up for that a few years back.

    This is more of a general question. I know you have several greenhouses (4 ?)and I love the underground one.

    My question. Do you grow year round and what practice do you have for closing any greenhouse you do not use all year round. I know insects can harbor in a greenhouse that just sits

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    @LynnGillespie I have a question about growing zucchini. I have not been able to grow then no matter what I try. I have an organic garden and I have a couple regular compost piles and worm bin and I use them all in my garden. Last year I bought organic zucchini seeds resistant to squash borer beetles and the grew really well. I had zucchini growing and then those pickle worms or whatever they're called got into every stem. I tried several things but they quickly killed my plants.

    I was thinking about trying again this year even though every year I say never again.

    What can I do to keep them away?

  • Have you tried cages with fine meshed wire mesh around your plants?

    If the beetle cannot get to the plant it cannot eat it.

    Same concept as fleece or mesh cover over cabbage or leeks against caterpillar and leek moth.