the coming stimulus

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I dont know what title discussion this fits in. But to get to the point i had a wierd very vivid dream that when people got thier stimulus checks they started clearing the shelves worse than before. and it started to seem like that may very well happen.

if you think about it a lot of people are uncertain of whats coming and now they have the money to go stock up with the stimulus checks. just thought id share my thoughts and for warning.


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    It is surely a troubling time we are living in. I can imagine that food stuff will take a hit in our area but not like it will in others. In this area, our county and the 6 immediate surrounding counties, you either work in health care, a factory, Tyson Foods, or you are a farmer or a "Dutchman". None of these have taken much of a hit with shutdowns etc. Sure the higher price of things and the difficulty of getting others has been a pain for us, but we aren't really suffering here. I expect the money to go to more "frivolous" purchases.

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    Mine is going directly into a high yield savings account earmarked for buying property where I want to relocate to. The account might not be big enough to pay it all off, but it will be a nice sized down payment.

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    I'm with you @RustBeltCowgirl. I'd rather put it in the bank to go towards property. Which I'm hoping we'll be able to fine here soon with us putting our current house on the market in few weeks.😊🤞

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    @JennyT Income tax refunds go into that same account. If I don't have it easily accessible, I can't spend it without having make some effort to get it out.

    Helps make me live within my means.

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    I'm sure some people will. But many more likely will spend it on frivolous things like big screen tvs haha.

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    We'll be spending ours on a tiller attachment for our tractor and renting a sod cutter. Breaking a field that has been nothing but grass and weeds for many years requires machinery. Pretty much any extra money coming in is being invested into our farm.

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    Well, if and when it comes in, I will pay myself back for getting the stray cat I've taken in spayed this week. She had her first heat in late January, and the first appointment I could get for her was March 4th! With shots, and if they do need to amputate the broken end of her tail, it will run close to 200.00. But then I can get her on my lease, and be "legal". As you can wee, Jolene is settling in well. Eliza Jane, my other cat (and former Idaho stray) is OK with sharing my lap most of the time.

    Then I'll get some plants for my patio garden, and pay off a bill. If it doesn't come in, my savings account will just be a little lighter.

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    Good luck getting it! Mine was supposedly returned to the IRS due to some technical error and I now have to claim it as a credit on my taxes.

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    @Mary Linda Bittle, West Plains, Missouri What a pretty girl. She made a good choice finding you.

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    I've made a list but this was supposed to be done last July so I'll believe it when/if it actually comes to fruition..

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    Actually, I will move this to the general discussions area.

    Whatever you do with the money when you get it, be wise with your use of it.

    Do you guys have to pay taxes back on it? I would handle something like that very carefully.