Learning by observing plants

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Very interesting pictures/article would not have known x for Judson's post on Ginko.

Looking closely at plants, we can learn a lot – about local habitat, climate, hydrology, wildlife, and soils. For example, succulent leaves indicate that a plant may thrive in sandy soil or endure periods of drought; thorns hint that the plant is selective about who gets access to its fruits; and dark red, bad-smelling flowers suggest that the plant relies on carrion- feeding insects to distribute its seeds.


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    Cool! I know @torey will enjoy this, too.

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    The more the better 😁

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    The Doctrine of Signatures is a fascinating subject. It has led us to many amazing discoveries over the years.

    I was not familiar with a couple of the plants listed in the article. Never seen Hepatica before but how liver like is that!!!

    It helps to study the habitat of the plant as well as the look of it. For example, Osha usually grows at very high altitudes. So it is a remedy for altitude sickness and lung health. Similarly for lungwort (the lichen, not the garden plant); it will only grow where there is unpolluted air. So a remedy for people who have congested airways, COPD.

    Boneset. Everyone should have this herb in their medicine cabinet right now. Great plant for colds, flus and any viral infection that resembles the flu.

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    I first discovered Boneset when I was making native floral arrangements. It flourishes on this property and as it likes compacted clay soil.

    Boneset is also used for healing bones. I even use if for mild bone irritations.

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    Looks like a really cool article. Need to really read it when I have a bit more time. I also am unfamiliar with some of the plants mentioned.