Sap Collecting Time

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I just realized it's that time of year again - time to collect the maple sap/water. Well, I call it maple water as it is mostly water that is collected and then turned into syrup - if I get that far. You see, I like to drink the water straight up.

Unfortunately, I've been dealing with family issues so can't really collect any this year, but I just read about a new organic maple syrup farm in Highland County in Virginia. I hope I can make a trip to their farm on my way to visit my family.

Anybody else gather maple sap/water and make syrup? Or just drink the water?


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    @frogvalley I never thought of drinking the water.

    Yes, we make syrup if ther yea cooperates. We have many family memories of bonfires and collecting sap at all hours.

    Best wishes with family

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    @frogvalley We have done both, and partway through we've made tea too. I can't remember what herb worked best, but there was one we tried that was a horrible combination.

    Lemongrass and rooibos come to mind, but I just can't remember which was bad for sure...I think possibly the lemongrass.

    We liked to use the fire & bake potatoes, do bannock, etc. as well.

    If we get another decent week of temps, it will run here. Buy, I understand that we should get another bout of cold weather before long.

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    We don't have maple trees, we tap birch trees here. Some drink the water others make syrups - several types, caramels, lollipops and more.

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    Here are some links to a former discussion on this same subject. I wanted to revive it anyway, and so this new thread ties in well.

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    I've put some pictures & comments on other threads. I most likely should have put them here.

    Syrup & homemade farmers sausage...

    Two gallons out of the four of the first batch. Milk pails are handy things!

    A reflection in the bottom of the pan.

    From the second batch. We had about 4 3/4 gallons on the second round.

    We have just over 13 gallons of sap waiting or on the go and the sap is picking up again after taking a day off. We are in our final stretch. We don't have many days left.