Wool batting

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Tutorial for making wool batting. Not really hard, but time consuming.


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    Or,,,, the easy way to do it at home is with a drum carder-- that cuts the process down to a couple of steps.

    It probably only makes sense to invest in one if you do a lot of spinning, or want to make a lot of batting though. They really speed up the carding process and give you beautiful batting, but they are expensive gadgets. I bought mine about 15 years ago, and it was just short of $100 back then. I just did a quick check just now, and the cheapest I found online these days is $340 here:

    There are several DIY plans online to build your own, though they look a bit complicated to me.

    If you haven't seen a drum carder in action, here a video of Ashford's model. Ashford used to be a less expensive source of spinning and weaving tools,, but in my quick check I couldn't find a drum carder of theirs for under $600!