Daisy the beautiful

Daisy, the beautiful

Spring. Every day brings new herbs for soup, salad, herbal butter, herbal cottage cheese... Today I noticed my first daisy blossoms. We have a saying here: if you see three daisy blossoms - spring is here and if you eat them, you will be healthy all year round. Guess, what I did with those three blossoms. 😉

My salad got additional leaves, buds and blossoms as decoration! 

It is an excellent herb for spring detox, for strengthening immune system, for getting rid of mucus in respiratory tracts and intestines, good for belly, good for stomach, anti inflammatory and... basically good for everything. Also for the skin. She can wash the face with daisy infusion and then she (only she would do that 😉) is as beautiful as Daisy  (Bellis perennis) - the beautiful!

I love spring with all its Herbs. Do you know that one can make false capers from daisy buds? One needs lots of patience to collect enough for a little glass.