Roses: Uncommon and rare species at risk

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First vid 'Roses Are in Trouble'..his business is in Canada. the second entry is a Canadian company/Palatine Roses. The other video he recommends is this last link:


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    I think that this is really sad and it is definitely starting to repeat the past of the loss of garden varieties as a result of modern agriculture. Hopefully these varieties can be preserved before it is too late.

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    This is interesting....hopefully as people gain more interest in these rare roses, the trend can turn around.

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    I'm glad you posted on roses. Few people think about the old varieties disappearing. We live on a stretch of what used to be the Oregon Trail (now a rather busy road at the edge of town), and I have planted a variety of roses that were actually carried along the Trail to Oregon along our wrought iron fence that faces the road. Several of those roses, like Sweetbrier and Apothecary's, are still pretty common, but some of the others are hard to find. Interestingly, there is very little rose history in Idaho. The pioneers who settled here seemed to prefer peonies.

  • I like this Texas company for old style roses.

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    WOW, I love roses! I went to the Antique Rose Emporium website. I am so enthralled. I want a couple of each! Have to figure out which types can survive our winters, then I can start collecting some. Thank you for sharing.

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