Culinary Possibilities of Chamomile Flowers

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So I have really been into hibiscus tea lately, especially mixed with spearmint and lemongrass or chamomile. When I was pouring off kombucha earlier this week I added hibiscus and chamomile(German) to one bottle. After a few days the hibiscus sunk to the bottom and the chamomile had floated to the top. I was slightly annoyed, as I didn't want the flowers in my glass. I tried it last night, and yes, I had chamomile floating in my cup. I decided to try one, figuring it would be tough and soggy like wet cardboard. Instead, it had a tender crunch, succulent rather than soggy. There was tang from the kombucha, then a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. It was almost like a very mild caper. I promptly ate several more.

So, anyone else experimented with chamomile for cooking?

edit: I have some soaking in olive salad brine right now.


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    I love happy accidents like this! I've never tried anything new with chamomile, but that is certainly on my list of things to add to kombucha! Am I right in thinking you picked it fresh out of the garden before you added it?

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    No, they were dried. That's why I figured that the texture wouldn't be any good.

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    As Chamomile is a mild bitter it is a good one to start with if you think that other bitters are too strong. Rosalee de la Foret has a recipe for Strawberry & Chamomile Vinegar Bitters. It makes a really nice base for salad dressing.

    Chamomile tea made into popsicles is a good way to get medicine into kids, especially for summer colds or sore throats. You could add other ingredients; lemon, ginger, mint or a bit of fruit blended in. You could place a few whole flowers in the popsicles.

    Richter's Herbs suggest chopping Roman Chamomile leaves, mixing them with sour cream or butter and use that to top baked potatoes.

    I found this recipe for cookies when I was looking for recipes using coconut flour, so this is gluten free. It uses chamomile infused coconut oil to flavour the cookies.