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HI ya'll- What have you used that helps with memory and focus/concentration? Really struggling here with this issue.


  • Mary Linda Bittle, West Plains, Missouri
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    Me, too! I am working 12 hour shifts, and I just spent today doing 2 loads of laundry and a few little chores, but mostly, I sat on the couch with the cats and tried to focus on what I needed to do. The brain fog is real.

    Sleep is really important for me. Eating well - protein, especially, is also important. And giving myself grace for these days that I just can't focus on stuff. I take vitamins and I mean to use herbs like nettle infusions, and those that are relaxing and nourishing...but I forget to make them. I do like "Calm", a magnesium drink powder, just not too much, as it gives you loose bowls if you drink too much.

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    I have brain fog and have not been working with trying to make it better. Its something I have to set the time aside for and really work on.

    Perfect example: I gathered chicken eggs before I came in. i have no idea where i put them.

    Here's a thread from a month or so ago that might help @rbusby01

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    @rbusby01 Ginkgo biloba is one I like for focus.

    @Mary Linda Bittle, West Plains, Missouri Sounds like you are overworked and need a few days rest to reset.

    Adaptogens for both of you.

    In addition to assisting with memory, Lion's Mane helps to enhance mental clarity.

    This thread may have some suggestions.

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    Sometimes, memory issues are as much about what you don't ingest as what you can take to help it.

    Milk products and gluten cause my brain fog. Why am I putting my keys in the freezer? Oh that's right, I had ice cream. I'm not poo-pooing herbs or other alternative assistance at all, but for me (and everything is individual) this one particular issue is controlled by my indulgences or lack thereof.

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    Good point @frogvalley

    Diet is always something to check out no matter what it is that ails us. Several people have commented in other threads that nightshades aggravate their aches and pains. Red meat affects some people with regards to digestion. Most of us aren't getting enough magnesium in our diets which affects many body systems. In addition to brain fog, gluten causes a number of issues for people as well as dairy products. Others have issues with sugar causing brain fog for them, among other conditions. We may be missing some of the right fats in our diet to help maintain brain function. Omega 3s are important. And of course, most of us don't have enough bitter in our diet to assist with proper digestion so we can get all the nutrition out of what we consume and help keep things moving. Stagnation in the diet might be the cause of stagnation in the mind.

    So check out your diets and see what could be removed that might assist your condition or what you might need added for optimal health and wellness.

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    @rbusby01 cognitive function and memory are high on my list of health concerns. I’ve made it my mission to add different, natural ingredients to our daily diet. Those include turmeric, walnuts, lions mane, ashwaganda, Siberian ginseng, rhodiola. I’ve just been looking into a traditional Chinese medicine called Yuan Zhi or Polygala tenuifolia, common name milkworts. I believe a strong immune system is also related to brain health. You know the gut/brain connection. I try to include the G BOMBS list; greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds. Also healthy fats. I also dabble in a few EO, best for brain health, frankincense, lavender, clary sage and any of the citrus oils.

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    I have never heard that acronym before @jodienancarrow. Its a great one! I will start using it when I talk to people about nutrition.

  • Monek Marie
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    I have heard learning a new language is very good for the mind.

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    I would second that @Denise Grant I had to pick up several languages in the course of my career, which I don't have much use for since I retired, except to occasionally read something interesting, --and to keep my head clear. When I find myself slipping into a fog, I just force myself to think, or at least translate my thoughts, and speak in another language for a while. Wakes the brain up again and restores my focus. (The cats, for their part, seem to hate Latin and French, but love German, Old English and Old Norse for whatever reasons. Maybe giving them Viking names caused the bias?)

    AARP has a section of games and activities on their website that are supposed to help with cognition and focus. I have never explored them, but that might help too--probably anything that forces your brain into making different sets of connections . I think we always have to keep the big picture in mind and come at it from all fronts, especially as we age. Diet is extremely important, so is getting enough sleep, recreation, and coping with stress. Herbs can be a great help, as can whatever brain game works for you to keep your brain flexible.

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    Gotu kola - also, Vata-reducing diet and lifestyle (Ayurveda) - you can find lists of foods for Vata with an online search. For lifestyle, regular routine is very helpful.

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    @Mary Linda Bittle, West Plains, Missouri Great ideas! I've tried some of them and will give the other ones a try. It's good to know I'm not alone. Giving myself grace too. It helps a lot:)

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  • rbusby01
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    @torey Thanks so much for the link! I'll definitely check it out!

    @frogvalley diet definitely affects me to! Those are triggers for me too.

    @jodienancarrow I love the G Bombs! That's so great:)

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    My Doctor told me to learn a new language! Instead I started playing Mahjong Solitaire and there are a lot of variations on the theme. I also take L-Glutamine which helps most days.

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    @dipat2005 I have got to try the L-Glutamine. Thanks for reminding me. I looked for it one day in town and could not find it

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    @Mary Linda Bittle, West Plains, Missouri Sometimes the most effective use of time is to stop and take some downtime. I hope you get a good chance to rest!

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    Reduce or get rid of wheat/gluten. It can cause digestive back up and cause brain fog.

    When my daughter was nine, we were told by her teacher that she had ADHD and needed medical help. She also had problems with constipation. We researched and changed her diet. Everything got moving in a good way - regular bowel movements and a clearer head and body.

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    @rbusby01 @Mary Linda Bittle, West Plains, Missouri I have issues with focus and memory from time to time, myself. Marjory sent out information in one of her email newsletters about a product. And I gave it a try. It's amazing how well it worked for me. Especially the one to help you relax and have less anxiety. Thought you'd like to give it a try also. Here is the link to product she mentions in the newsletter. It is the Four Sigmatic product line.

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    Seconds on the mushroom beverages. Great way to get the medicinal benefits. Lion's Mane is excellent for mental clarity.

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  • rbusby01
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    I've been lax on the gluten front. Thanks for the reminder:)

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    I used to have a huge amount of trouble with brain fog/apathy where I could just sit and veg out for hours and hours but once I eliminated processed sugar and flour and started making it a point to get lots of good, beneficial fats every day, it has cleared tremendously. As someone else stated: we all respond differently to these things so I wanted to throw that in. I would buy a big tub of organic coconut butter and eat it like candy when the rest of my family is eating chips and candy bars. The butter includes the meat and the oils from the coconut and has a touch of sweetness to it.

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    Another one to eliminate, rather than add. Many people say that exposure to wireless devices gives them brain fog. Try keeping your distance from things like cell phones, cordless phones, electricity/water/gas smart meters, cell phone masts, wi-fi, electronic tablets/computers using wi-fi, baby monitors. You could try to keep a record of how much time each day you are unavoidably exposed to wireless devices and see if there is a correlation with your brain fog.

    While it is not a wireless device, per se, solar power is a problem and the 'dirty electricity' caused on all your home's wiring if you have an electricity smart meter is also an issue. And if you are really sensitive, even the motor of, say, the refrigerator can be a problem.

    You don't necessarily need to be actively using a device for it to be causing brain fog. Carrying a cell phone in your pocket, sitting near a cordless phone base, having a smart meter on the home, leaving the modem on wi-fi mode, etc can all create brain fog and numerous other health issues. Another possible solution is to try turning off unnecessary electricity circuits overnight, especially the ones for the bedroom.

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    My brother just sent me this link to an interesting movie on the effects of our diet on our physical and mental health. It was interesting but scary at the same time. It offers a clear explanation of why the SAD, SUK, and any unhealthy diet causes diabetes, heart disease, and brain fog. I need one of these once in a while to get me back on track:)

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    @rbusby01 i have stopped eating all flours and refined flours, all sugars and refined sugars, and, all sweetners. I feel happy, concentration and brain cognitivity improvement.

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    @SuperC Glad to hear that removing those from your diet helped. I've slipped a little in trying to get ready to sell and move but am looking forward to resuming my better eating habits when this has all passed and we're able to settle down.

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    Sugar really sets me off into brain fog. I take Gotu Kola WITH Vitamin C. I've also found that if I'm having an episode, it really helps to do a 5-10 minute breath meditation (where you inhale four counts, hold four, exhale 8-12 counts or some variation thereof).

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

-Mahatma Gandhi