Thought I'd found some land

So bummed. I thought I'd found some land to purchase on TX/La border. Virgin forest land. It was so promising- great location, owner financed, etc. Then I discovered there were several restrictions I did not like. I want a plot of land for animals and food, and it just wouldn't work. Can you believe, they even wanted to limit it to 1 dog per 6 acres! Man, I'm glad I found out before I bought. Hopefully, I'll find my little piece of paradise soon :)


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    @rbusby01 Its good you found out before you purchased it.

    The right piece of property will come along. It just takes time sometimes

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    I have friends in Idaho who have had a terrible time finding the right property. Once they figured out that there was an illegal road built on a property that had been sold 3 times without anyone noticing!

    They finally found a place to build their "forever" home on, and even now the permits have been hard to get. Hang in there.

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    @rbusby01 when you least expect it, it will happen. It did for us, all our ducks lined up, took 6 months but we couldn’t be happier. All the best to you.

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    @frogvalley That is an awesome story! It was truly meant to be! I'm keeping the faith something will come along soon. What state are you in? I'm in Texas, but am open to moving to another state for the right property:)

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    @rbusby01 Keep the faith. It will happen. I keep putting money in my down payment account and keep clearing out excess stuff.

    Try looking next door in New Mexico. I know that I keep up on things available there, since that is where I want to relocate to.

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    @rbusby01 Glad that you "dodged that bullet" so to speak. My husband and I are in similar circumstances. We have looked once or twice but property here, well houses too, in South Carolina is barely staying on the market long enough to have the chance to see it. We thought we had something worked out for someone to by our house but it was a young newly married couple and they just aren't ready yet. So we're doing a couple last minute "fluff and tuck" things to our current house and will list it as buy owner. This way we're hoping to be able to keep as much of the money as possible and not have it go to realtor fees, etc.

    I have business plans in mind and I have certain requirements of the property we find. It was very discouraging when we looked that first time. So we're waiting until the sale sign is in our front yard then we'll look more seriously, that way if there is something we can pounce on it immediately.

    I keep praying that all these delays we keep having are because the property that we're meant to find is not ready either. All I can say is tons of prayers are being said by my husband and I, our family and friends that we find just what we need. I'll be sure to say a few prayers for you too.

    Good luck in your search.

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    @rbusby01 i certainly understand your frustration. I looked for over a year for land in Maine. Finally found 4 acres with a ROW to the stream back in the woods behind me. Purchased in 2015, visited once or twice a year since purchasing, except 2020. Problem is as hard as I’ve tried finding someone who can fix my foundation it has proved to be almost an impossibility. With that being said I know everything happens for a reason and for whatever that reason is I’m supposed to be where I am. For now at least. It’s a hard pull to swallow as moving to maine has been my wish for more than 20 some years. I am a firm believer in the universe giving us what we need when the time is right. Learning to listen to those clues, seeing those signs, and accepting same isn’t easy but in the long run things will work out like they should...

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    I'm sorry. That really stinks. That has to be frustrating. I'm glad you found out ahead of time though.

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    National forest land?

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    All the restrictions that are put on things do make it hard to find the perfect place. I have thought that I had found what I wanted several times only to be told that I wouldn't be allowed to have all the things that I want there. It really can be frustrating and aggravating.

    @rbusby01 hang in there. Keep looking. You will find it when the timing is as perfect as the land. (I'm speaking to myself here a bit too)

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    Welcome @Kirsten Mortensen!

    When you have time please check out "Our Front Porch Welcome" at:

    And the Introductions section at:

    Congratulations on your purchase of land!

    You will find lots of like-minded people here with plenty of experience that they are willing to share.

    While you are waiting for your house to sell and get started building, there are all sorts of things that you can do to get ready. It sounds like you have lots of gardening experience which is an excellent start. Make sure you check out TGN's Academy. So much good information. I'd advise getting some field guides for your new area to learn about the flora and fauna. If there is an invasive species council or branch of government, that is a good place to check for things that you might not want to plant or that could cause issues in your new garden.

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    Sounds like it was for the best. Crummy bylaw, dogs need company.

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    Until this current plandemic situation, I never really had a huge desire to own land but for visa purposes was always looking. Lots of people get ripped off for land here but eventually the perfect situation presented itself at less than half the property tax value. It's literally the one and only place within a 15 minute drive from town that is quiet. No roosters, dogs, neighbours. That's huge anywhere in South America where roosters crow around the clock. There was nothing on the land. The bargain price means we can install all the things we need with the savings and the property value will skyrocket once it's completed, not that I'd want to sell it! Getting to know all the laws of the land is good and also learning which ones are flexible. You may have saved yourself a lot of grief and like the other posters, sometimes we end up with something far better but the disappointment is sure real! Hope you find something great soon.

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    @Kirsten Mortensen that's way more heart stopping than what we experienced looking for our retirement home six years ago. I found it on a real estate app and then the next day it was gone. We searched the state for another house, but couldn't find anything. I prayed on the way back home and looked on the app again. It was there! We went and got it. I would have had a heart attack if everything you went though happened to me.

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    @Kirsten Mortensen So glad you found your place! Sounds like a roller coaster ride, but glad it worked out:)

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    @vickeym it sounds like you were saved from the first place, and found your meant to be place with the second one. Happy for you:)