New Chickens for my backyard

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I am ordering hatching eggs. I ordered 2 - 18s. This is what is recommended if you want the greatest possibility of 6 hens (some may not be good after transport & the cockerels will make up a fair amount of a hatch and there are always losses in an incubator).

I am paying a lot, but the birds in question do demand a high price, considering, so it is fair.

I already have the French Black Copper Marans but need new blood in my flock. I am keeping only 3 hens of my blacks and will put these into my few blue coppers as well:

The eggs pictured on the site are already 1/2 way through the laying period of these birds, so these are very dark eggs. This breeder boasts some really sought after American & Canadian lines in their FBCM. I will get some others from another breeder about 3 weeks to 1 month later. They aren't quite as dark, but genetic diversity is always good.

This second breed (very new to me) does have either a single or rose comb (single is preferable in heat, rose comb doesn't freeze). These have very easy to hatch eggs and healthy chicks right from the start. "Super healthy" and the best layers on the farm, is what the breeder told me. They grow into a large bird, larger than the Plymouth Barred Rock, and lay only slightly less eggs in a year. I like that they are hardier than the bielefelder. The hens will set and are good mothers. It is rare and is considered a developing breed as it is brought back from near extinction.

Now to wait for the shipping date, set them once they arrive, wait again (haha), and finally see the result of the hatch. I am looking forward to it.


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    I just love Black Copper Marans. I will be needing to replace mine soon. I lost a few top the fisher last fall.

    And those erminette's sound interesting. Good luck!

    This year I am just letting my "herd' Do its thing while I make up my mind which way I want to go. I have tried just about every breed there is - expect the new mixes they create, give me heritage every time.

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    Very excited to hear how your hatching goes!

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    Well, I bought a bunch of eggs...18 FBCM & 18 Erminette (A few extra got sent, bumping that up to 19 & 21).

    After taking a broken one out, letting the rest sit the required time for shipped eggs, and then candling for hairline cracks, I set 18 FBCM & 20 Erminette, a total of 38.

    I culled a few eggs at day 12, which left me with 13 of each. Which I was told was excellent for shipped eggs.

    Today, at lockdown (day 18), I am going into it with 26 good eggs. I have a few with strangely shaped air cells & some may get shrink wrapped due to humidity fluctuations...I don't know for sure. I wait, and wait, and then hopefully get a great hatch on day 21!

    A final tally & pictures will follow.